Xavier Monclús



Xavier Monclús’ artwork reflects everyday and playful universes in a very particular way. His jewels are miniatures ─ fresh and delicate at the same time─ framed in intimacy and privacy. It is precisely in the space created and developed in his work where Monclús interacts and establishes a silent dialogue with his environment: the architecture, nature (animals), objects and / or other gadgets.

Since the artistic inflection he has been experiencing since 2010, Monclús’ jewelry is now less explicit –although he has not completely abandoned the narrative element. Narration understood as movement rather than a sequence. For him everything is constantly moving. It does not surprise us that this artist born in Barcelona and resident in his beloved Menorca island, confesses his passion for walking (next to his passion for architecture). We imagine that it is precisely by walking that many of his ideas are being revealed to him. In a space where objects are constantly in movement and interaction, Monclús becomes observer and actor at the same time.

Monclús’ jewels can be understood as complete pieces that speak for themselves. One would say that they are fragments related to others but they also take on full meaning individually. Monclús currently seeks and finds maximum expressiveness in the abstraction or purification of forms (perhaps getting close to the Talayotic architecture he admires so much and has been inspired by).

Free and unconcerned about the direct usefulness of his work, when starting each of his creations, this unique artist conceives his pieces as open objects rather than ornaments or accessories -either to be worn or to be collected or admired as a visual artwork. In this sense and by making an effort to eliminate divisions between artistic manifestations, Xavier Monclús has confessed that in the near future he might combine his passion, the artistic jewelry, with the creation of objects.

“Par sa seule lumière, la maison est humaine. Elle voit comme un homme. Elle est un œil ouvert sur la nuit”

Gaston Bachelard



Xavier Monclús studied at the Jewelry department of Escola Massana de Barcelona (1986-1992) and since 1992 he has participated in prestigious exhibitions and events organised by galleries and musea throughout Europe, Japan and North America.

Solo Exhibitions

Silent Architectures. Klimt02 gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
Narrativo o essenziale. Fondazione Salvatore Romano. Florence Jewellery Week 2016. Florence, Italy.
Deux Poissons gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
De Penguins van Amsterdam. Galerie Rob Koudijs,Amsterdam, Holland.
Galleri Hnoss. Göteborg, Sweden.
El zoo fabulat. Galeria Hipòtesi, Barcelona, Spain.
El petit univers. Oxida joies, Lleida,Spain.
Everyday Nature. Zijsprong gallery. Antwerpen, Belgium.
Galerie Louise Smit. Amsterdam, Holland.
Galeria Magari, Barcelona, Spain. Haraka Island, Helsinky European City of Culture, Helsinki, Finland
In den Gärten. Galerie Eva Tiller, Viena, Austria.
Carin Delcourt van Krimpen Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.


Main Group Exhibitions

Vinte e Três. Joalharia Contemporânea na Ibero-América. Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. Lisboa, Portugal.
Identitats. Joia i Art. Aram espai de joies. Palma, Spain.
Holy Tools! Galerie La Joaillerie par Mazlo. París, France.
MINIArquitecTURAS. Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. Universidad Politècnica de València. València, Spain. Ad Lib.. Galeria Espai d´Art Cavallers. LLeida, Spain.
R-Evolucions. 66mistral gallery. Barcelona, Spain. JOYA 2016
Art Jewelry Today. Mitsubishi Art Museum. Fukuoka, Japan.
Menorca Contemporània. La Mirada Expandida, Barcelona/ Galeria Artara, Maó Menorca. / Espai Xec Coll, Ciutadella, Menorca. Galeria Aram, Palma, Mallorca. / Centre de Cultura Contemporània Octubre, Valencia. / Centre Artesanal de Menorca. Es Mercadal, Menorca. / Galeria Lalabeyou. Madrid. Spain.
Art Fair Tokyo. Deux Poissons gallery. Tokyo.Japan.
Flourish. Kath Libbert gallery. Salts Mill. Saltaire. U.K
L´Aparença sòlida de la materia buida. Galeria Dterra. Sant Cugat del Vallés. Spain.
Fantastical. Kath Libbert gallery.Salts Mill. Saltaire. UK.
Toys and Dreams. Galeria Dterra. Sant Cugat del Vallés. Spain.
A-FOTO.Sa Fàbrica. Maó,Menorca island..Spain.
Pensieri Preziosi 2009. Oratorio di San Rocco.Padova,Italia.
Sieren met Dieren. CODA museum. Apeldoorn. The Netherlands.
Jumble and Jewellery.Didsbury Arts Festival..OXFAM shop. Manchester. U.K
Hnoss Depended.Röhsska museet. Göteborg, Sweden.
New Horizons..Galerie Rob Koudijs..Amsterdam.The Netherlands.
Bite the Bullet..Ars Ornata Europeana Manchester 2007.Harvey Nichols Manchester.U.K
BUE-BOG-BCN. Gestos sobre el cuerpo. CCEBA Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires..Buenos Aire. Argentina.
Contemporary Jewelry from Barcelona. Galerie Noel Guyomarc´h. Montreal,Canada
BCN Jewellery Factory. Manchester Craft & Design Centre.Manchester./Bluecoat Display Centre.Liverpool, England.
Maker,Wearer,Wiever.Contemporary Narrative European Jewellery. Glasgow Schooll of Art, Glasgow, Scotland. The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scottland.
Galerie Marzee., Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Lucca Preziosa. Oreficeria europea contemporanea .Villa Botini,Lucca,Italy.
Jaume Mercadé i la joia d´Art. Caixa de Tarragona, Tarragona, Spain.
Limited Edition. Craft and Design Centre. Manchester.U.K
De Rebus Naturae. Le Arti Orafe Gallery, Florence, Italy.


As a curator:

With Sarah O´Hana:
BCN Jewellery Factory. Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Bluecoat Display Centre.Liverpool,England.2005

With Heidi Schechinger: 7 de València.
La Mirada Expandida, Barcelona, 2011.

With Heidi Schechinger:
Con-decorados. Museo Nacional de Cerámica. Valencia 2012 and Klimt02 gallery. Barcelona, 2013.
Menorca Contemporània. La Mirada Expandida. Barcelona. 2013. Galeria Artara, Maó. Menorca. 2013. Espai Xec Coll. Ciutadella, Menorca.2014.


Lectures and seminars:

Lecture Seminar hosted by Orfebres FAD for Kultasepänanlaitos school. Lahti. Foment de les Arts Decoratives.FAD. Barcelona, Spain.

Lecture.Symposium “Arts Ornata Europeana’99”. Auditorium, Museu Marítim de Barcelona. Spain.

Lecture. Helsinki European City of Culture 2000. Harakka island.Helsinki, Finland

Lecture. Zijsprong gallery. Antwerpen, Belgium.
Seminar, Yorkshire Crafts Centre, Bradford, UK.

Lecture, City College Manchester. Manchester, U.K.
Seminar City College Manchester, UK.

Lecture, City College Manchester. Manchester,U.K.
Seminar Playing with colours,playing with pictures. City College Manchester,U.K.

Seminar Jugant amb colors, jugant amb imatges.
Escola Arsenal. Vilafranca del Penedès. Catalonia, Spain.
Seminar Jugando con Formas/Jugando con Colores/Jugando con Imágenes.Fabrika 12.Valencia,Spain.

Seminar Playing with colours,Playing with pictures. City College Manchester. Manchester. U.K

Seminar Narrative Jewellery; An Introduction. Ecòle AFEDAP. París.France.
Seminar Joieria Narrativa: Una Introducció. Fabrika 12. Valencia,Spain.

Seminar Objet Trouvé.Fabrika 12. Valencia ,Spain.
Seminar Joieria Narrativa: Una Introducció. Escola d´Art de Menorca. Maó. Spain.

Seminar Objet Trouvé. Fabrika 12. Valencia, Spain.
Narrative Jewellery: An Introduction. Le Arti Orafe school. Florence. Italy.

Seminar and Lecture Objet Trouvé. Escuela de Arte nº 1. Puente San Miguel. Cantabria, Spain.
Objet Trouvé. Le Arti Orafe school. Florence, Italy.

Seminar Creative Jewellery: Form, texture and colour. Le Arti
Orafe school. Florence, Italy.
Seminar Assembling Ideas with Techniques. Shenkar collegue. Ramat Gan. Tel Aviv. Israel.

Public collections:

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.
Foundation Françoise Van Den Bosch, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.