Ramon Puig Cuyàs

Quan la joia es fa metàfora

“Looking for a striking illustration of this contrast, I found it in some recent interpretations of metaphor which depart from the traditional interpretation of rhetoric and show it to be not an ornament of language nor a stylistic decoration, but a semantic innovation, an emergence of meaning.” Paul Ricoeur


As an external beholder one can appreciate the artist’s evolution through the 194 pieces that somehow seem to be the result of an intimate dialogue between the artist and his reality in search of a deeper sense and experience of freedom. Travelling through Puig Cuyàs’ jewels one is able to observe that the creator has expressed his desires, concerns and questions to universal issues by constructing a reflective and dynamic “self” before the world.

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“La joyería no es tan solo adorno, pues constituye un documento cultural, arqueológico y tecnológico.”

Robert Baines